Flame Seal 84 (Fireproof Paint)


Flame Seal 84 (Fireproof Paint) is latex based, intumescent paint designed for use over combustible interior materials. The product can be applied to most substrates including, wood, plywood, OSB, gypsum wallboard to increase the fire resistance. Flame Seal 84 can also be used on metal surfaces with the use of a primer. Please check certification and manufacturer information for details. When properly applied, Flame Seal 84 meets the ASTM E-84 class-A testing requirements for flame and smoke spread. When Flame Seal 84 is exposed to fire or extreme heat, a protective layer of Carbon Foam develops and prevents the fire and heat from transferring to the substrate. This coating comes in white and dark grey. 

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ProductCertificationsWet MillsCoverage Per Gal
Flame Seal 84 (Fire Proof Paint)TJ4844-2-R1 – Flame Seal – ASTM E84 Test Report – 092618[4]9200 sq ft

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Stir Flame Seal 84 prior to use. The product can be applied using airless sprayer, brush, or roller. Ensure that all treated surfaces be clean, dry, and free of dust and grease.  Apply at a minimum of 9 wet mils. (200 sq. ft. per gallon). Use a wet mil gauge to check for the proper millage.  Proper care of the environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and dew point must be taken during the application and process. Always wear proper clothing and apply the product in a well-ventilated area. The product should not be top-coated or tinted without the express written approval of Flame Seal Products. Smooth surfaces may require a primer for improved adhesion.


Typical Application

Flame Seal 84 can be applied to all interior combustible surfaces to reduce the surface burning characteristics of the substrate. Flame Seal 84 can be used on exterior applications when covered by siding or cladding. Flame Seal 84 can be used in Schools, Colleges, Nursing Homes, Child Care Centers, Hospitals, Penal Institutions, Apartments, Hotels, Factories, Warehouses, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Utilities, Railroad and other Transportation Companies, Oil and Chemical Installations, Military Installations, and other facilities where fire retardant coatings are required.

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