FS IBTM (Ignition Barrier)


FS-IB™ Ignition Barrier is a single component, water-based latex coating for use as an ignition barrier over interior Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation. FS-IB™ uses intumescent technology to protect SPF from flame source impingement. FS-IB™ is designed specifically as a protective coating over spray foam insulation in non-occupied areas, such as crawl spaces and uninhabited attics in both residential and commercial structures. The product has been tested successfully under the AC 377, Appendix X test method. FS-IB™ is fast drying and easy to use with standard commercial airless spray equipment.

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IB Documents

Data Sheet


Testing Matrix

All foams to are tested to the AC 377.

Foam Brands                                              Foam Types                     Wet Mills                   Coverage Rate (Per Gal)

ACCELLA BAYSEAL Open Cell 8 200 sq.ft.
BASF ENERTITE Open Cell 7 250 sq.ft.
Demilec Sealection 500 Open Cell 6 300 sq.ft.
Lapolla FL500  Open Cell 6 300 sq.ft.
SWD QUIK SHIELD 106 Open Cell 6 300 sq.ft.
SWD QUIK SHIELD 108 Open Cell 6 300 sq.ft.

For the application instructions please email [email protected]

Recommended Equipment

Airless spray equipment capable of 3000-PSI fluid pressure or 2000 PSI dynamic pressure at the spray gun. Use .033 or greater spray tip.

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