FS-PG™ Perimeter Guard


FS-PG™ Perimeter Guard is a proprietary powder designed for dilution in water and applied as a passive fire retardant to the natural areas surrounding the perimeter of homes and other landscaped areas. The product is applied directly to the natural areas around the perimeter of your home or facility. The product is applied to dry grasses, brush, wood and other cellulose type material, with minimal effect on the environment. The product has been developed to protect the ignition zone outside of the perimeters of structures or landscaped areas during Wild Fire events. The product is a passive fire retardant and can be applied at the beginning of the fire season and will remain in place unless exposed to rain or water exposure. When the areas treated with FS-PG™ are exposed to fire or extreme heat, the vegetation or wood forms a carbon-char, which interferes with combustion and prevents fire propagation.

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Application Instructions

FS-PG™ is a powder that is mixed into water at a ratio of one (1) pound of powder to one (1) gallon of water, prior to use. The diluted product is applied directly on the natural areas surrounding the perimeter of homes or landscaped areas. A heavy covering layer of the fire retardant mix should be applied directly within a 10ft – 20ft wide radius from the perimeter of the landscaped area. Note: The standard packaging of 50 pounds per bag is added to 50 gallons of water. The product will evaporate where applied and will remain in this state until exposed to fire or removed by water. The product is composed of non-toxic materials and is environmentally biodegradable. The product may be used on most types of plants and shrubs.

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